About Us

Apex Die Corp. was originated October 10, 1956 as Apex Die & Paper Box Company, and was operated in Burlingame, CA as a one man company until it was purchased on May 1st, 1964 by Thomas J. Cullen.

Thomas J. Cullen retired in 2005. Kevin Cullen was the President of the company until June of 2019. Theodore Cullen is now President of the company and Eva Cummings is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The company operates its business in 1 industrial building containing 24,000 square feet.

APEX: a-pex (a’peks’) n. pl. apexes or apices (a’pa-sez’, ap’a). 1. The highest point of something; vertex. 2. The culmination. 3. The pointed end of something; tip. See Synonyms at summit. (Latin Apex, point, summit, top.)

Apex Die is the leading print finisher in Northern California, and serves all print markets on the West Coast. Our second generation family owned business has been a leader in the market for over 50 years, specializing in die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, film laminating, sheet mounting and much more.

What We Do

Operating in San Carlos, California, Apex Die delivers high quality finishing. Making products more attractive and convincing, and perfecting our work to meet our customer needs.

Have questions? Give our friendly customer service representatives a call or request a quote! We are happy to help you on your project needs!

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